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Global Coverage

International Experience & Coverage

web_globalWe generate approximately 60% of our revenue from research conducted outside the U.S., both qualitative and quantitative.  Our primary international markets include the U.K., Germany, France, Japan, S. Korea, Australia, Mexico and Brazil, with increasing demand for research in China and smaller, though growing, Latin American territories such as Chile, Columbia and Argentina.  We service both American clients with operations in local markets, and local companies on the ground.  In addition to custom work, Interpret runs multiple global trackers across our areas of expertise, including a complex weekly tracker of home entertainment consumers, trending data across 13 territories, syndicated global digital gaming service called GameByte® in ten markets, and weekly International Theatrical Tracker in six markets (expanding to ten in Q2, 2014).  We partner with the best sample providers in these territories to provide an accurate, culturally-sensitive profile of consumer attitude and behavior, and work with highly adept simultaneous translators and in-language moderators on all non-English qualitative projects. We also have in-house Chinese, Spanish, Korean and Russian language moderators with years of experience leading group discussions in these markets.